DIY: Color-Dipped Pots

Spring!  I’m pumped up about it. To help usher in the season, I’ve started hoarding plants.  If last weekend’s Home Depot garden center raid was any indication, it’s only going to get worse from here.  I thought I’d share a really easy DIY project that Jessie and I worked on over Easter.  I finally planted something in them so they’d be blog-worthy.

Plant Hoard

I didn’t take many “in progress” shots for two reasons.  1.I’m lazy.  2.It’s so simple.

I picked up a few terra cotta pots and saucers at Home Depot and Michael’s.  I think they were less than $2 apiece.  I used a rubber band to mark off a curved shape on the bottom of the pot.  Before you go thinking I’m a genius, the rubber band idea was in a magazine I saw at my mom’s house.  For this project, it’s better than using painter’s tape since it adapts to the curved surface.

Primed Terra Cotta Pot

I followed up with a couple of coats of primer and a 2-3 coats of craft paint on the saucers and the banded area of the pots.  The terra cotta really sucks in the paint so it dries fairly quickly.  Be smarter than me and use a utility knife to break the seal between the rubber band and the paint before you take it off.  I was in a rush and ended up with some minor peeling.

Color-Dipped Pots from The Loud and Clear

Look how cute they look with some pansies from a local farm*!   I also did a taller pot with two stripes of gold paint that I marked off with tape.  My indoor plant hoard is kicking it on a brass tray I got for $20 at an estate sale last Fall.  All the elbow grease it took to shine that sucker up was totally worth it.

Color-Dipped Pots from The Loud and Clear

*For the record, I stopped at my local place before going to HD but they only had pansies and I wanted ALL the plants.  I’ll definitely be back there later in the season once they have more inventory.

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