DIY: Hallway Stencil Update

So. The hallway stencil project I talked about the other week turned out to not be a total disaster. As such, I thought I’d share a few follow-up photos of how it all ended up.  In case you didn’t catch that post, I was inspired by this project over on A Beautiful Mess and in an effort to stop pinning and start doing, I decided to adapt it to my hallway.


I need to warn you before we get into this. The hallway is really long and narrow (about 3’x16′) and in the center of the house, so it doesn’t get much natural light. For someone of my dismal photography skills, it makes for kind of a nightmare scenario to get decent photos. I think you’ll get the idea though.

I bought some blank stencil sheets and a cheap set of stencil brushes at the craft store.  I had everything else on hand except for the level I borrowed from the nice carpenter that lives with me.  I printed the cross shape in a couple of different sizes and picked the size I liked best after holding it up to the wall.

Hallway Stencil Process

I cut out my design with an exacto knife and started marking out the placement on the wall.  If I were to do this again, there are a couple things I’d do differently. First, I’d make sure that the design was level on the sheet before I cut it out.  I ended up drawing level lines on the sheet which worked ok, but was more labor-intensive since I checked each one with the level before painting it in.

Second, I wouldn’t have tried to get my husband, the aforementioned carpenter, to help me figure out how to place the stencils.  We got each other so confused and subsequently frustrated in the first 15 minutes of trying to map out the design that he went to the pub and I am left with a sore neck from hours of solo stenciling.

The good news is that I’m really happy with how it all turned out:

Hallway Stencil Close Up.015

Ignore the fact that it looks like my hallway is khaki.  It’s actually Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore.  I told you, dismal photography skills.  Because I tapped the paint on with the short-bristled stencil brush, each cross has an airbrushed (?) quality to it.  It’s not too perfect, which I like.

To really drive it over the top, I went full blogger and hung a gallery wall once the paint was dry:

Hallway Gallery Close Up


Hallway Gallery
These pictures are weird.  I’m sorry.  There’s only one awkward sconce in here and I have to jam myself in corners to take pictures.  Come over and see it in person.  It’s much more attractive.

The doorway to the left leads into the kitchen.  The wall on the left of that (closest to the living room) has my awesome neighborhood map of Boston:

Boston Map in Hallway

Perhaps interesting cropping will distract from poor picture quality?  I didn’t think so.  Anyway….

I’m so happy with the end results.  The hallway is now visually interesting without being too busy.  As a bonus, I emptied out another box of frames that had been sitting in the guest room since August.  Only three more to go!

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