DIY: Drawer Pulls for Cheap Bastards

Perhaps you remember this little gem that I picked up with Jessie over the summer? I had decided early on that I wanted to use it in the living room as a media cabinet. Since I’d be staring at it almost every day, I wanted to make sure that the end result was something I’d be really happy with.  A few hours of work here and there and we went from this:

To this:

Now, before any of you try to tell me that all I did was change the knobs, here’s proof that I actually sanded, filled, and painted the whole thing:

And, don’t overlook the fancy schmancy modifications to hide the cable box (more on that soon):

As I’ve mentioned before, most of these projects come together at night so my photos are somewhat lacking in natural light.  I promise that the paint is now a glossy, bright white compared to the dingy, chippy, yellowed nonsense I was dealing with to start.  Trust me.

I hit a stumbling block when it came to picking hardware though.  Do you know how expensive it can get to pick 10 non-hideous drawer pulls?  Even the cheapest ones at Anthropologie are $8 a piece.  That’s more than I paid for the whole dresser!  Don’t even talk to me about the options I found at the big box stores. Gross.  I couldn’t get comfortable with the ones I saw online either so, after roaming around Lowe’s one night, I decided to see if I could make my own. I picked up 50ft of 3/8″ twisted manila rope for less than $10.  It was worth a shot.

Google led me to the padlock knot that I decided to go with. It was bulky enough to grab onto but not too complicated to make me go crazy.  Here’s the YouTube video that I used for the knots.  It’s a little annoying but after watching it 20 times and pausing it over and over again, I got the hang of it.

I attached them with 1 1/2″ #8 brass machine screws with a finishing washer on the outside and a nut on the inside of the drawer.  The brass (I guess it’s a theme this week Kristen?) plays into the nautical vibe of the rope. The finishing washer kept the screw from pulling through the rope and made things look a little more polished.  Tightening it with a nut on the back helps keep everything tight and the knots from slipping.

With this project finally finished, the living room is really starting to come together.  There are still a few projects in the works but after a very successful flea market trip on Sunday, I feel like we’re that much closer.  More to come soon!

Oh, and if you really want the inside scoop, I’ll share one last detail.  Conor and I watched Karate Kid 3 (yes, the one with Hilary Swank) the entire time I was figuring out how to attach the knobs.  Thanks for looking out, Mr. Miyagi.

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