Distractions That Are More Fun Than My Mortgage

Oh Friends.  Somehow, my apartment has gone from this:

Minus the Christmas decorations (I’m not that behind on housework)

To this:

Headquarters of the Anal Retentive Packers Club

This is part of the reason why I blew it on posting yesterday morning.  Gone is my lovely gallery wall.  The bookcase is empty and I’m considering how many pots and pans I really need in order to get by over the next couple of weeks.  I’m in that tricky place where I realized that this weekend is the last one I have free until the move but I still have four weeks of living here.  What’s a girl to do?

Obsess about the poor response time of my damn loan coordinator.  That’s what.  I know we try to keep things positive around here but we’re due for a small dose of whiny reality today.  Getting a mortgage today is as terrible a process as everyone makes it out to be.  It all seems so easy in the beginning but, when you’re four weeks away from closing and no one can get you an answer on whether they need you to send them more documentation, it becomes a little trying.  I’m doing everything I need to do on my end but I’m still waiting for an overworked underwriter five states away from me to pull my file out of the pile and pass judgement on it.  Sigh.

To keep me from sitting here clenching my teeth while I wait for phone calls, here are some current distractions:

The Makers: A Photo Project by Jennifer Causey - Similar to Industry of One which I mentioned in a previous post, this project profiles up and coming artisans.  The most recent post covers Karen Mordechai from Sunday Suppers.  One of my faves.

credit: Jennifer Causey

The Busy Trap by Time Kreider – I know this article has made the rounds already but it’s worth a read if you haven’t done so yet.  It inspired a great debate amongst my friends over 4th of July.

Instagram Projects from Martha – She’s hip to us folks.  Here are some cute ideas for getting your instagrams off your phone.

The Tyranny of The ‘Sexy’ Mom by Susanna Schrobsdorff – From Time Magazine.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this whole “body after baby!” nonsense is getting a little out of hand.

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