5 Trends We’re Really Sick Of

I absolutely love Pinterest. Hell, I was among the first to request an invite, and when I had a job with nothing to do, I was an avid Pinner. Unfortunately, the site has also brought to light a slew of pet peeves that have been silently festering deep inside me. There are some trends that need to be taken down a notch, and it’s time to talk about it.


Posters that tell you how to live your life.

First of all, what bugs me about this is that they are mostly tagged under the categories of “Art”, “Design”, and “Prints and Posters”, which are my 3 favorite and most frequented on the site. (I will say it once right now and then I won’t mention it again: There needs to be a new place for the uber-religious-Michael’s Craft DIY Scrapbooking-Moms to pin their crap.)

How about you don’t tell me what to do? If I were a teenager, I would purposefully do the opposite of each of these rules IF ONLY because of the use of all of the jerky fonts and crafty patterns. Ugh.

Sometimes, they trick you by actually being quite beautifully done.

Wait, what?! Way too many rules! Also, some of those rules are downright stupid – “Always Give a Good Report of Others”?! What if they raised a foot to kick or spoke unsoft words?

Try replacing it with this:



New Year, healthy new you, yada yada. Being healthy is a great thing, exercising is important, low calorie, yet yummy meals are good to know about. The photos of tan, rock hard abs and quotes about how you might as well die if you don’t have a rock hard six pack have to go. Please.

Try replacing it with this (found on a Pinterest board titled “My Positive Body Image Inspiration” Thank you.):


Overly cute food.

Who has time for this shit? What kind of expectations are you nurturing for real life if your kid grows up opening her lunch box every day to find her sandwich in the shape of a panda and her carrots whittled into tiny portraits of herself?

No, it doesn’t get a “cute pass” just because it’s Japanese.

Try replacing it with this:

Project Lunchbox: 30 Days of Healthy, Fresh Lunches


B.S. DIY Projects.

The DIY phenomenon is wonderful. People should know how to make their own versions of things they see and want instead of buying mass produced items when they can. No one here is trying to tell you that you aren’t perfectly capable of learning how to make beautiful things and executing it well. What we’re talking about here is the projects that a) require special tools that most people would never own or know how to use on their own, b) a unique, well educated talent, or worst of all, c) WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MAKE THAT?! Please, leave some things to the professionals.

This one has a special place in my files of annoyance. Sure, you can quickly whip up some delicate, insanely intricate chinese paper cuts in no time! Or is the DIY part that you put them on clothespins? Good for you, you didn’t have to hire that one out.

This “DIY Fork Cuff” requires a TORCH and other jewelry making tools that also happen to require a solid amount of skill. Sure, do it yourself, but don’t blame this blogger when you lose your eyebrows and possibly a few layers of skin.

No. No no no no no no. This is a mess, and I promise you it will turn out looking like a 1st grader made them for a play.

Try replacing your DIY project with this DIY Wrap Bracelet (and let me know how it goes because mine eventually got all warped):


Listing all of the menial tasks you have to do today as your Facebook status.

Oops, this one has nothing to do with Pinterest. Still, it needed to be said. In fact, it’s already been said:

Come on…there has to be something else that can be of any interest at all to anyone that you can post about. If this is you, next time you start to do it, stop, breathe, and think about ANYTHING else that you might be able to write. If not, step away. You’ll be better for it.

Read more, and maybe take some pointers – 15 Things White Girls Love to Do on Facebook

With only 5 trends listed, we obviously missed some. What’s irking you these days? What would you be happy never to see again? Let’s get it off our chests – leave a comment!

* Disclaimer * Sources are purposefully omitted from this post so as not to create any understandably unwanted negative attention to these people, who I am sure are perfectly nice and well-intentioned, and the things they pin. If one of these images is yours and you would like it to be sourced back to you, please message us and we will do so.

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